Workshop Testimonials


I experienced personal coaching with Katherine for a few months before the workshop and given who Katherine Bock is and what her purpose in life is, I completely trusted that I would gain much from an intensive workshop in a group setting with Katherine facilitating. Our group of eleven women, ranging in ages between 30s and 60s miraculously bonded quickly, within an hour or two. Most of reasons for being there were different, but many of the issues we all dealt with were similar (lack of confidence, a certain experience that caused us to think that we could never follow a certain path, a certain “wrong” voice in our head) all limiting us from getting what we want out of our life, NOW! As a group we supported each other through very deep exercises and pushed each other closer to what each of us wanted for our next steps. The environment was safe, the information provocative, the exercises compelling (some light bulb moments!) and the learning truly life-changing. Katherine is completely committed to giving a full workshop (and loads of her unmatched wisdom) and you walk away with great materials, a long reading list, stories that make the point and a coach who is in your court and willing to work with you all the way. I have taken many workshops and this is a five-star one (out five stars)!

Participating in both one on one mentoring with Katherine, and her weekend retreat have had profound impact on my personal outlook to life over the past 2 years. The retreat was the needed focused time that cuts right to the core. What impresses me about the coaching is that it is full circle, that includes the person and not just the profession.

The experience put me back in touch with my long-lost zest for life and big dreams.

I learned that I need to be more positive in my words and deeds
I learned that I have to dream bigger
I learned that I need to be kinder to myself and others in my life

I learned that I really can have anything I set my mind to

I learned that I have hardly spent any time actually visualizing my future, and that I’m quite capable of (and excited about) achieving BIG dreams.

I learned how to Visualize better and in living color by focusing and clearing my  mind and taking the time to do that can be powerful stuff! I also learned or was reminded of the power of positive thoughts and how we are in charge of them no matter what! Law of attraction is possibly more powerful than I first though.