Executive & Leadership Development Coaching
The aim of KBock Consulting's executive & leadership development coaching is sustained cognitive, emotional, and behavioral changes that facilitate goal attainment and performance enhancement, either in one's work or personal life (Douglas & McCauley, 1999). It is a solution-based approach that focuses on business results and career satisfaction. One-on-one coaching, team and group coaching are available to enhance productivity, profits and human potential.

Career & Transition Coaching
KBock Consulting has a proven track record of maximizing the potential of individuals using a strengths-based approach and positive psychology. Using a customized approach tailored for the specific needs of its clients, KBock Consulting's 3-D Model for Career Transitions helps individuals take charge of their careers to create more success, meaning and balance in their lives.


KBock Consulting's 3-D Coaching Process

3D career transition

Phase 1: DREAM - helps clients explore possibilities and get clarity around what they really want using a variety of self-assessment tools to identify strengths, values and motivations.

Phase 2: DARE - uncovers what is holding the client back from having what he wants. We identify any fears, concerns or obstacles that may be in the client's way and devise strategies to overcome them.

Phase 3:
DO - works with clients to co-create specific, measurable goals and action plan to achieve them. KBock Consulting helps keep clients accountable, focused and inspired to move forward on their goals to find the job of their dreams.

How Katherine coaches

Katherine is available for:

  • Tele-coaching & in-person
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group & team coaching
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