About Coaching

"Coaching isn't therapy.  It's product development with you as the product."

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a professional coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results with less effort.  KBock Consulting asks powerful coaching questions to help clients identify possibilities, achieve clarity of vision and take action on their most meaningful goals.

KBock Consulting's process helps coaching clients:

(1) Take focused actions based on strengths.
None of us is able to produce extraordinary results when we focus on trying to improve our weaknesses.  Our greatness derives from our strengths.  Our strengths develop naturally, and they are enduring.   You'll be more able to focus, have more excitement, and be more committed to developing your skills when the goals you set and the actions you take leverage your strengths in a powerful way.

(2) Understand different communication styles. 
You will have a distinct advantage in your professional or business environment and enjoy more satisfying relationships when you are able to fully discern the preferred styles with which you and others communicate.  When you understand yourself and others, rapport is quickly established, and communications of all types are more effective.  This can be enormously important when you consider the fast pace with which business and interpersonal interactions take place in today's environment.

(3) Establish and accomplish stretch goals.
You'll be surprised about how much more you'll reach for and not be overwhelmed in the process when you have a trusted partner in your success. You'll find it easier to set and attain ambitious goals with the support and accountability of the coaching relationship.

(4) Use the power of language to enhance your effectiveness. 
There is awesome amount of power accessible to you when you have full understanding and command of language.   KBock Consulting will help you identify those areas where your language diminishes your presentation or hold you back from being all that you are capable of. KBock Consulting will help you create new uses of language which serve you and your vision.

(5) Make better decisions.
This is because your focus will be clearer.  Every single one of KBock Consulting clients is gifted, but not always focused.  They will help you become focused as you share ideas with them.  As your coach, their full intention is to understand you and be completely endorsing of you and your goals, yet challenge you to be sharper and more focused in your thinking.

HOW KBock Consulting coaches clients

Each professional coach has his or her distinctive style of coaching.  KBock Consulting wants to share with you how they coach, what they expect of their clients and what you, as their client, can expect from them.

We expect your best.
By retaining us as your coach, you are making a statement that you are ready to achieve a new level of personal and/or professional excellence.  We are prepared to support and endorse you to reach for much more than you might have asked of yourself, always in accordance with your stated agenda, and always within your capabilities. It's our job to help you identify and systemically eliminate obstacles, both internal and external, to your success.  It has been our repeated experience that most obstacles are in fact internal (i.e., attitudes, beliefs and habits that get in our way of being all that we are capable of being).

We make direct requests.
As your coach, KBock Consulting will help you move into action.   We do this by making direct requests, usually in the form of fieldwork like, "Will you commit to accomplishing X by the end of this month?" Or, "I think you are ready for more, so go for it!"  You may accept the request, modify it or decline.  We will always support you, however you respond.

We offer observations and suggestions.
From time to time, we may make specific suggestions on how you might think about a challenge or approach an opportunity.  In addition to the ideas and possibilities we're supporting you to generate, we may offer other alternative ideas or food for thought.  Regardless, what you use is your choice and it is important that you always use your own judgment, because you know yourself better than anyone else does.

Your work and your life are yours to manage.
You are responsible for your outcomes, how quickly you attain them, and how far you stretch.  As your coach, we are your advocate, a catalyst, an accountability partner, and compassionate truth teller.   We will provoke you with questions and hold up the mirror so you can see both your strengths and limitations, and celebrate your successes with you.  We will help you identify and leverage your personal strengths.  That is where your greatest potential lies.  Success looks different for every client, but it's often the shifts in attitudes and thinking which can have the most profound results.  We will share principles with you which can increase your success and add to the quality of your life, but we will do so without any attachment that what we share is the "best way" or the way you should do things. 

Our relationship is confidential. 
The information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential.  We will not discuss anything regarding your coaching with anyone else without your explicit permission.  We will also not use your name as reference without first obtaining your verbal or written consent.  You, of course, may feel free to discuss your coaching with others, as you deem appropriate.

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